6 Powerful Ways To Grow Your Email List Using TikTok 2022

Grow Your Email List Using TikTok

Nowadays, TikTok is the talk of the town that is grabbing more people’s attention with its creative power. With over 689 million active monthly users globally, it is undoubtedly the potential platform to grow your business. But you have to follow the right strategy. If you plan to grow your email list through TikTok, then there is a way to do so.

You can get the actual leads by creating engaging content on TikTok. As per the research, the number of TikTok users in the US grew tremendously. If you desire to make the most of TikTok and have the algorithm on your side, buy TikTok fans that help you gain more traction and bring more potential users to your profile. Here, let us discuss the potent ways to grow your email list through TikTok and always stay competitive.

#1 Set Clear Bio & Clearly Explain Your Offerings

If the users open the TikTok app, your bio is the first thing that is noticeable to the users. For this reason, you have to create an attractive and informative bio to state who you are and what your brand is about. Add emojis to your TikTok bio to make it more interesting for first-time visitors. In addition, include a good CTA to create a significant impact among the users and make them check out your website. Get to know that CTA helps your visitors learn about your content and what your business is offering here. It’s a great deal to grow your email list.

Once you have created the engaging bio, include a link to grow your email list using TikTok. There is an option on TikTok to include a link in your bio, so it is highly suggested to take advantage of it to bring new followers to your site. Otherwise, take the necessary action to add them to your newsletter list.

Whereas linking your business website increases the chance to convert your followers into your customers. It is a great way to run your business successfully. A potential way to grow your email list is by asking for the email address of your visitors in exchange for a free course, a report, an e-book, and more options. In this way, get more email lists, and if you want to engage potential audiences, try out Tikviral, which enhances visibility and increases your brand’s sales.

#3 A Call To Action At The End Of Every Video

Great CTA in your bio will always work to drive traffic and grow your email list. With the bio, including CTA at the end of each video will help you gain more newsletter subscribers that grow your followers. In fact, to make your content go viral, grow your audience, and favor the situation to increase your business presence on TikTok, a clear CTA will help you a lot. It is a worthy idea to grow your list by asking your viewers to subscribe or provide their email addresses. So, including CTA at the end of each video helps you obtain desired results and stay apart from your competitors.

#4 Drive Your Hashtag Smartly

Hashtags have become an essential social media strategy, so if you are using TikTok to grow your email list, use the potential hashtags. Using the potential hashtags will make your content more discoverable to the potential followers and ensure to reach a million users. If you want to leverage your email list, play with the hashtags smartly. That will surely drive more traffic to your website. Moreover, if you’re going to build a strong community, then leverage Tikviral, which will help you build a strong online presence to attract more of your potential followers to your profile.

#5 Use A Series Of Videos To Keep Users Engaged

Do you want to keep your users interested in your content and create curiosity about what to watch next? If so, share a series of videos that make sense and state your brand’s style. Certainly, a video series will trickily attract viewers and make them addicted to your content. So, it is crucial to create unique and authentic content to encourage the viewers to watch till the end. Simultaneously, it drives more users to your profile, an excellent opportunity to get their email addresses. Therefore, sharing a series of videos is a brilliant idea to attract many subscribers and make your content go viral.

#6 Offer Digital Giveaways

Do you want to get more subscribers quickly and become addicted to your content? Then, digital giveaways are the right choice. Possibly, it is an excellent way to grow your email lists on TikTok. However, hosting digital giveaways increases the probability of making your content viral, increasing engagement, and driving more sales rather than getting more followers to your website.

Taking advantage of the digital giveaways on TikTok, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Understand your audience better and get more interaction.
  • Enhance your brand’s visibility
  • Boost Engagement
  • Grow your followers

Wrapping It Up

Now I hope you have exactly understood how to grow your email list with TikTok. First, consider the above tips to get rewarded in various ways and turn traffic into an email list. Then, use the TikTok features to drive enough traffic and enhance your online business presence.

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