Authenticity Of Windows 10- How To Check whether Windows 10 Is Original Or Pirated

To find how to check whether windows is original or not, there are several ways you can use it, including:

1. Using the Software License Manager

The first way you can try to find out the authenticity of Windows is to run a program called Software License Manager (slmgr. VBS).

Follow these steps:

1. First press the Windows key + R on the keyboard

2. Type or copy-paste the following command:

slmgr.vbs /dli

3. Click OK

4. Wait for your Windows 10 authenticity information to appear

5. The original Windows 10 will display a message like an example in the following screenshot:

2. From the Activation settings menu

The second way to find out whether Windows 10 is genuine or fake is to look at the activation information in the version of Windows installed on your computer. This can be done by accessing the Activation menu in Settings.

Follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings by clicking Start > Settings or you can also press the Windows key + I on the keyboard

2. Select the Update & Security menu

3. Click on the Activation tab

4. See the information in the Activation section

5. If there is a statement that Windows is activated with a digital license, then your Windows 10 is genuine

3. Using the Command Prompt (CMD)

The third way you can also use CMD, this is similar to the first method, namely by using a program called Software License Manager, the difference is that this time we run it using the Command Prompt program.

Follow these steps:

1. Press Windows key +R

2. Type: cmd

3. Click the OK button

4. In the Command Prompt program, type or copy-paste the following command:

slmgr /xpr

5. Press Enter

6. If your Windows is original, you will see a message that reads: The machine is permanently activated

Difference between genuine and pirated windows

How to distinguish between genuinely and pirated windows 10 is quite a difficult thing to do because at first glance there is no difference. Users who use pirated Windows will usually not notice a significant difference when switching to another computer that uses the original Windows 10 and vice versa.

The only difference between genuine and pirated Windows 10 is that genuine Windows 10 is the original version of Windows 10 that you buy from Microsoft or an authorized distributor, while a pirated version is a version of Windows 10 that you get for free and is activated by entering a pirated license or crack.

Another difference is, that pirated Windows 10 is likely to be inserted with malware or adware that makes advertisements appear when you use it, or even worse, is inserted by malware that can steal your data. While the original Windows 10 is clean of all that.

Windows 10 that is activated by cracking without an official license can also be detected as pirated Windows at any time. When this happens, the characteristic is that you will get a notification that says ” Activate Windows: Go to Settings to Activate Windows ” in the lower right corner of the screen.

Features of genuine Windows 10 (original)

  1. Activation is carried out with a license key obtained by purchasing directly from the Microsoft website or an official distributor
  2. No need to install another KMS / crack application to activate it
  3. Get updates and can use support features from Microsoft
  4. Windows 10 is clear of pop-up ads that appear mysteriously
  5. The Windows 10 you get is clean of malware and other malicious programs

The characteristics of Windows 10 pirated

  1. Activation is generally carried out by installing crack software such as KMS, using a pirated license key obtained from the internet, or using a keygen.
  2. Windows 10 can be loaded with malware and other harmful programs
  3. Often pop up ads appear suddenly every time you connect to the internet
  4. From time to time your Windows 10 can be detected aspirated and the message “Activate Windows” appears.
  5. Can’t use the support feature from Microsoft

Can pirated Windows 10 be updated?

Can pirated Windows 10 still be updated? This is also one of the reasons why differentiating pirated and genuine Windows is quite difficult because both of them can perform updates as usual. As if they were the original Windows.

But even so, using the original Windows 10 will be much better, especially for security reasons.

This is the tutorial on how to check the authenticity of Windows 10 that we can provide, hopefully, it can be useful.

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