How To Save WebP Format Image In Photoshop: WebP Photoshop Best In 2022

How to save WebP in photoshop?

Photoshop WebP: By reading this article, you will understand how to open and save image files in the WebP format in Photoshop with either Windows or Mac OS operating systems.

The WebP file is an image format developed by Google in 2010. WebP format has a smaller file size without compromising quality. So, this can be an alternative image format besides JPEG or PNG.

Because of its small file size, the WebP file format is commonly used on blogs/websites to speed up website loading, especially websites that have to display lots of images, for example, photography portfolio websites, design, traveling, or food blogs.

Unfortunately, Photoshop cannot save and open files in this format, unless you have embedded a plugin which I will review in this article.

How to save images in web format in photoshop?

To open WebP in photoshop, you must install the webshop plugin, which is free.

My tutorial for installing the photoshop web plugin is divided into 2, namely for Photoshop Windows and Mac OS, so adjust it to your operating system.

1. Windows

  1. Download the WebPshop plugin on Github;
  2. You will get a file with a .8bi extension ;
  3. Copy the file to the Photoshop plugins folder which is usually located at C: Program Files Adobe Adobe Photoshop Plug-ins ;
  4. If so, restart or run Photoshop and try opening or saving the file with the WebP format;
  5. Done.

2. Mac OS

  1. Download the WebPshop plugin on Github ;
  2. You will get a file in .zip format, please extract it;
  3. Place the extracted file (WebPShop.plugin) into the Applications / Adobe Photoshop / Plug-ins / folder;
  4. Restart or run Photoshop and try opening and saving the file in the WebP format;
  5. Done.

The WebPShop.plugin file cannot be opened on Mac OS 10.15 and above because the developer is not verified.

So, bypass in the following ways:

  1. Open Terminal (Finder> Applications> Utilities);
  2. Type the following command:
sudo xattr -r -d "/Applications/Adobe Photoshop 2020/Plug-ins/WebPShop.plugin"
  1. Press Enter ;
  2. Done.

After installing the WebPshop plug-ins above, your Photoshop should be able to open and save image files in the WebP format.

The method is the same as opening and saving JPG or PNG files, only the difference is, that you have to choose the WebP file type.

1. Open the WebP format file

  1. Go to File » Open ;
  2. Navigate to the WebP file located;
  3. If so, click Open ;
  4. Tada .. !! WebP file opened successfully;
  5. Done.

2. Save the WebP format file

  1. As usual, save the image by going to File » Save as ;
  2. Select the format WebP in the Save as type:
  3. If so, select Save and just go OK, unless you want to set the WebP image quality parameters;
  4. Done.

Storage Parameters

  • For photography » Quality: preferably at least 70. If the file size is to be as small as possible, then Quality should be as low as 30;
  • For artificial images, for example, black and white text, 3D rendering, Quality: minimum 98.


If a plugin is detected, a WebP will appear in Help » About Plug-ins in Photoshop as follows:

If it isn’t detected, try the following:

  1. Photoshop update to the latest version;
  2. Make sure the plug-ins installed are compatible with your PC / Laptop operating system, whether 32bit or 64bit;
  3. If still not detected, try turning off the antivirus, windows firewall, and allowing plug-ins to run;
  4. Make sure the folder is placed correctly, or try moving it to the following folder :
C:Program FilesCommon FilesAdobePlug-InsCC 
C:Program FilesCommon FilesAdobePlug-InsCCFile Formats 
C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop 2020Plug-ins
  1. So it is still not detected, there could be a conflicting plug-in, so remove all plug-ins and try to copy the WebP plugins again, then restart your computer.

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