How To Take Full Web Page Screenshot On Mac- Best In 2022

macOS is a wonderful operating system with great security features. Though the app store is not equipped with multiple utilities and tools for any task, we still can find a few useful tools for every purpose. We may come across a lot of screens that we wish to capture and use in the future. There are a few inbuilt utilities that may aid in taking screenshots.

When it comes to taking a whole page screenshot on Mac, you may find it difficult! There are a few ways to take scrolling screenshots. You can try these tips and tricks, tools, utilities, online tools, or browser extensions to start taking scrolling screenshots. Let’s begin with the inbuilt tools, and then explore alternatives to capture a whole page screenshot on Mac.

Use Inbuilt Record Function

macOS comes with an inbuilt Recorder utility. You can initiate the utility with a shortcut key or find Recorder on the Finder.

Step 1. Open the screen that needs to be captured.

Step 2. Press (Command + Shift + 5) keys to launch the Recorder.

Step 3. Tap on the ‘Record Entire Screen’ option to capture the screenshot. Get the camera icon on the starting point and keep scrolling the screen till you wish to capture the screen.

Step 4. Press (Command + Shift + 5) key again and click on the Stop screen recording option. It will finalize the screenshot and save it on your Mac.

Use QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is the default inbuilt player of MacOS. It also allows you to record scrolling screenshots on Mac. if you don’t have QuickTime Player installed on your Mac, you can download it for FREE from the App Store. QuickTime Player has some nice features to make special edits and save them in different file formats.

Step 1. Double-click the QuickTime icon to access the app.

Step 2. Click on the File menu and select the ‘New Screen Recording’ option.

Step 3. Click on the Record Entire Screen and start scrolling the web page. You can click on the arrow next to the record button and enable ‘Record Mouse Button’ or ‘Show Mouse Clicks on in Recording’ to add these options to your recording.

Step 4. Once done, click on the ‘Stop Screen Recording’ option. The recorded screen capture will be saved in your videos.

Use Browser Extension for Screenshots

Regardless you use Safari or Google Chrome browser, you can always make use of the best browser extensions to capture the screen. These browser extensions are easy to use and quick to take whole page screenshots on Mac. There is no permission required to install these browser extensions to take screenshots on Mac.

The browser extension doesn’t offer you any editing tools. You can only take screenshots but can’t share them with anyone on social media. You can take a full-screen screenshot, capture a selection portion, or take a screenshot of the entire website with a few options. Dozens of browser extensions can aid in screen recording. We have listed the Best Scrolling Screenshots on Mac.

Use Screen Recorder for Mac

There are several paid and FREE screen recorders for Mac. We have tried, and tested the best few apps and came up with the one that has universal competencies.

OBS Studio for Mac

OBS Studio is one of the best screen recorders for Windows, macOS, Linux, and other operating systems. You can record videos, edit recorded videos, and broadcast them on social media or any sharing app. It has great editing features and allows you to save the recorded clips in different file formats. You can make professional videos, capture screens, and use the tool in over 56 languages.

OBS Studio is an open-source FREE utility to capture scrolling screenshots on Mac and start streaming them on multiple platforms. You can capture active windows, text, images, webcams, browser windows, capture cards, and a lot more. It has an excellent audio mixer to reduce noise and distortion. You can switch between scenes, start/stop streaming, select input/output, and more streaming.

Summing Up

There are plenty of ways to take a whole page screenshot on Mac. If you don’t need any editing effects, you can make use of the inbuilt screen recording tools. If you need to edit and tune up your recordings, you can make full use of the best screen recording and capture tools for Mac and Windows. You can take full web page screenshots on Mac or take scrolling screenshots with various tools depending on your needs. Explore all the browser extensions to make your job easy and take scrolling screenshots as you browse websites.

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