How To Take Screenshot On Samsung A51- 10 Best Ways 2022

Do you know how to take a screenshot on Samsung A51? If not, please see this article.

Because in the following discussion we will share complete information about it.

The screenshot process on the Samsung A51 cellphone is usually used to capture screen displays containing conversations, pictures, and so on. Then what is the way to capture the Samsung a51 screen?

Screenshot a51 provides several methods for screenshots on Samsung A51, one of which is using a button combination. This method is the most common and is widely used by these cellphone users.

Apart from key combinations, below we have presented several other methods for Samsung A51 screenshots. Curious? Just take a look at the complete information below.

Here’s the easiest Samsung A51 screenshot method without supporting applications

How to screenshot on Samsung A51

As we mentioned above, the process of capturing the screen display on the Samsung A51 can be done with a combination of buttons. What are the required buttons? please refer to the tutorial below:

  1. Open the screen that will be a screenshot.
  2. After that press the Volume Down button (-) and the Power button simultaneously.
  3. If successful, it will be indicated by a shutter sound/screen flashing.
  4. Done.

How to screen capture Samsung A51 without buttons

Apart from using the method above, the Samsung A51 has two features called Palm and Menu Assistant. Both of these features allow buttonless screenshot processing. For more details, please refer to the procedure for doing it below:

Through the Palm Gesture Feature

  1. Open the Settings menu -> Advanced.
  2. After that tap Gesture & Motions.
  3. Turn on the Palm Swipe to Capture feature.
  4. If so, now you just have to determine the screen display you want to screenshot.
  5. Swipe the screen from left to right to take a screenshot.
  1. Activate the Assistant Menu via the Settings menu.
  2. Scroll down and select Accessibility -> Interaction & Dexterity.
  3. Scroll the activation icon on the Menu Assistant option.
  4. Then the Assistant Menu will appear on the side of the screen which contains many menu options, including screenshots.
  5. Choose which area to capture.
  6. Tap the Assistant Menu icon on the side of the screen and then select the Screenshot.
  7. The buttonless screenshot process on Samsung A51 has been successful.

Tutorial on Making Long Screenshot on Samsung A51

Then for those of you who want to capture captions, articles, or conversations on WhatsApp, the Samsung A51 supports the long screenshot process. Like what? please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Settings menu -> Advanced Features.
  2. After that tap on Move & Gestures -> Enable Smart Capture.
  3. Take a screenshot of the desired screen using the three methods above.
  4. Then a Smart Capture pop-up will appear on the screen.
  5. Tap the down arrow icon in the pop-up.
  6. Drag it down to the screenshot area you want.
  7. It’s finished and the results will be saved in Gallery -> Screenshot.


Are There Supporting Applications For Samsung A51 Screenshots?

There is. But we don’t think the application is necessary because Samsung has provided three easy and practical screenshot methods.

How To Activate The Palm Gesture Feature?

Settings -> Advanced -> Gestures & Motions -> Palm Swipe to Capture.

What buttons are needed for the screenshot on Samsung A51?

Volume Down button (-) and Power button. Press the two buttons simultaneously to capture the Samsung A51 screen.


Just like the SAMSUNG A50s SCREENSHOT, on the smartphone above you can take screenshots using the button combination and the Palm Gesture feature.

In addition, the Samsung A51 also supports a long screenshot process that you can use to capture screen displays in the form of captions, articles, WhatsApp conversations, and so on. According to GC, the three screenshot methods for the Samsung A51 are very practical, so there’s no need to install supporting applications anymore.

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