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Cannot wait to update all the latest Bollywood and Hollywood blockbusters? No worry; Chatur TV APK is here to stay! This well-received platform not only introduces the most recent cinematic content for endless enjoyment but also streamlines your viewing experience with unmatched customer service and features. Who is foolish enough to skim over such generous offerings? Our article will shed light on some of the most notable benefits of Chatur TV. Let’s buckle your seatbelt!


What Is Chatur TV APK?

Chatur TV APK 2022 is an app tailored for avid movie enthusiasts, established in response to the increasing need for free home cinema movies.

The platform is filled to the brim with renowned flicks from all corners of the world, ranging from A-list Hollywood blockbusters to long-spanning Indian sitcoms. Be confident that there is always something to enjoy in this inclusive application!

Even better, the creators never cease with their software updates, intent to offer only the best functionalities to their devoted customers. Chatur TV 2.0 APK, a major step up from its 1.0 counterpart, is lauded by many users for its broad assortment of merits. We will delve further into them in the next section!

Features of Chatur TV 2.0 Apk Update Version

1. Great Content Variety At No Cost

An incredible edge of ChaturTV lies in its vast array of movies and shows – both in quantity and in genres. More than 1000 films are available, ready to be picked up for hours of streaming! Running out of content to watch is simply never a possibility with ChaturTV, which is even more impressive when we consider its free-of-charge policies.

And, of course, the categories are limitless, too, suited to users of varied tastes and preferences.

Want to immerse in the past with classic romance movies? “Sense and Sensibility”, “Titanic”, or “Pride and Prejudice” are all terrific choices. Enjoy actions and heart-stopping climaxes? Then go straight to “Kill Bill”, “Tenet”, and “Jurassic World”!

2. Constant News Updates

Aside from viewing content, ChaturTV is also a trustable source of entertainment news! The app managers keep a close eye on all your favorite actors and actresses to deliver the most recent tidbits about their activities, new projects, and private-life issues.

A simultaneous feed of both movies and news is not a common sight for most apps – even for established labels like Netflix – which is why ChaturTV easily maintains its spot as the leading film platform.

And if you are tired of constant tabloids and fake news, be rest assured that ChaturTV is never one of them. Every article is backed up by evidence, either from the artists themselves or their agencies. Unproven rumors or malicious hypotheses circulating on the Internet will never be under discussion until further evidence.

3. Live Broadcasts

For dedicated sports fans, nothing is better than to witness a history-making victory of their favorite sportsman and football team in real-time moments! Contrary to a movie – which can be subjected to thousands of subsequent rewatches, sports games will lose half of their appeal in rebroadcasts.

No worry; Chatur TV has once again taken care of your concerns! Not only can you get your hands on all your favorite games, but they are also devoid of bothersome advertisements, ensuring your emotional height will never get interrupted at the wrong moment.

To seal the deal, the app managers even provide various quality options (from 360p to 720p) to pick from, easily accommodating different TV and phone models!

4. Favorite Lists

Scouring the app to look for the same movie and show after every login is quite tiresome and time-consuming. Instead, how about a personalized list to save all your current content, ensuring you can easily spot it at any given moment?

Of course, a quick Chatur TV APK download will tackle this problem for you. With its streamlined “Favorite List” feature, movie categorization for later streaming can never be easier.

Calculated users may even arrange them into smaller subfolders, such as “Christmas movies” or “Shows for summer holidays”. Another great approach is to establish varied lists for different movie partners – one for your close friends, one for your lover, one for your family, et cetera. How convenient!

5. Content Request

Chatur TV’s diverse array of materials is undeniable. Yet, we cannot deny that 1000+ shows are still quite modest when pitted against millions of movies released worldwide each year. So chances are, the platform might sometimes not gain access to the shows you are searching for.

Does that signify the end for us? Well, not necessarily! This app is always open to constructive suggestions and proposals.

Via its “Request” button, feel free to express your personal opinions and arguments on content that should be included. If such requests are a common sentiment among other users, your beloved movie will likely show up in the app’s database a few days later!

6. Offline Watching

The inconsistent Internet connection might sometimes hamper your experience with annoying stops and pauses. Fortunately, downloads are within reach! The app permits its users to save their on-streaming show in offline modes, ready for later rewatches without any WiFi hassles.

Of course, as long as you have an account, what you saved will remain forever in the database, even when you move your streaming platform to another device.

Most notably, unlike some movie apps with screenshot-banning policies, ChaturTV lets you take photos or make clip cuts of your favorite scenes as frequently as you would like!

Quick Rundown of Chatur TV 2.0 Apk Download


  • Diverse materials
  • Frequent news updates
  • Offline modes
  • Allowing customized lists and content requests
  • Free of charge


  • Sluggish transmission at times


This article has explored every primary feature of Chatur TV APK. Look no further if you wish to step into the breathtaking cinematic realm at zero cost! Only one click and your Chatur TV APK download 2022 will complete, embracing you with all its top-notch amenities! Feel free to write to us if any part of the download process gives you trouble.


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