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Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer!
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Jun 9, 2022
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Geometry Dash Mod Apk – Adventurous Game Combined With Music Rhythm

Are you searching for a game that is both entertaining and inspirational? You should try Geometry Dash Mod Apk, the platform that unites the music with the game’s flow. With its unique feature, you can listen to the lively soundtracks while enjoying the adventurousness of the program.

This article will provide you with the most outstanding features of the title.

What Is Geometry Dash Mod Apk?

Geometry Dash Mod Apk is a 2D game that only has one player. The title consists of various adventure sections which are merged with the corresponding melody. Users will have to monitor the characters to jump, scroll, or run to overcome the obstacles. This program requires sensitivity and the agility to act at the precise time to get through the traps.

Any action game lovers who are into listening to music while playing games will find Geometry Dash extremely fascinating. The music is selected carefully to match the flow of the gameplay.

In addition, this apk also supports a level editor, which implies that users can create their competitions, and other gamers can engage in them. Here is a detailed description of the game features.

Highlights Of Geometry Dash Mod Apk


The exclusive character of this program is a square block with an emotional face. To reach the finish line, you must monitor that block by overcoming the hindrances. The control panel is very simple:

  • Space or Up arrow = Jump
  • Hold Down space or Down arrow = Multi-jump
  • Up arrow = Lift the transports up
  • Down arrow = Take the transports down

Scanning through the rules, many people thought this title was a piece of cake, but this adventure is very demanding. The hindrances are placed incessantly, and users have to act as quickly as they can to help the block jump through the obstacles.

Additionally, this game has no spot check, which means that if you fail at some point in the process, you will return to the starting line and begin again.

Amazing Challenges

Each level contains a lot of challenges that are very hard to come through. Firstly, thorns are the most common in every section. Those thorns are distributed throughout the route; they can lie on the ground, hang on the cell, or even fly in the air. If you let the block jump on those obstacles, you will die and have to restart again.

Furthermore, there will be hidden monsters on the floor in some rounds, and you have to control the block and jump on the air steps to prevent those traps.

Not only that, but to leverage the difficulty, the developer also added some sharp gears that can move around fastly. In this case, you have to be precise in timing and go through the door right after it opens.

Customized Characters

The square block can be exchanged easily. You go to the Store on the Menu section, and then pick one face you like. There are various options for you; you can revert to a smile, sad, or angry face.

Users can also modify the color of this block; there are two options: solid color and gradient color. We recommend choosing the gradient shade because it is very shiny and colorful.

Besides, there is an enormous icon collection in the Store. The emojis are set to the color template; each has seven icons. The game has more than ten color sheets with hundreds of vivid icons. Each set will offer many icons, such as food, arrow, emoji, etc. If you want to unlock all the collections, you must buy them through the game currency.

Various Modes

Besides the conventional one, the Geometry Dash mod apk also provides players with multiple modes to experience new things.

For anyone weak in monitoring skills, you can join in training mode. This mod provides users with various training lessons; you can replay it many times you want. Still, only after you pass the level can you unlock this feature.

2D Graphic

This gameplay is designed with dark-tone graphics, such as green, dark blue, dark pink, etc. The special feature of the design is the gradient colors which make the game as vivid as a 3D game. The gradient helps brighten the obstacles to see the pathway.

The background also contributes greatly to the liveliness of the program. Although the developers didn’t use complicated backgrounds, they can still modernize the graphics by using glowing frames.

Lively Soundtracks

Soundtracks are the key factor of the gameplay. It seems that the developers have put a lot of effort into searching the music for the program. The beat is crafted to match the program’s level and flow. The faster the music, the harder the gameplay.

The aim of puzzling the game with the beat is that the music can boost energy for the players so that they can feel excited even when they have to engage at a hard level. If you look at the game carefully, you will find out that the action of your hand matches the beat of the flow.

Levels Editor

Another point that can distinguish Geometry Dash from other titles is the challenge creation. They can design the character, and rearrange the obstacles and the hardness of the level. After finishing the artifact, they can share the new round with other players.

MOD Features

Is Geometry Dash mod apk download free? Yes. In the normal version, you have to spend a large amount of money to enjoy this title to the fullest. But this mod version can help you save money, and there will be no extra fee while using this app.

Of note, the Mod unlocked all the premium features on the app. You can freely navigate all the modes on the platform.

In addition, this version also suspends third-party advertisements to help you gain the best experience when playing.

Pros And Cons


  • Simple gameplay
  • Various obstacles
  • Self-modified characters
  • Modern design
  • Inspirational soundtracks
  • Challenges editor
  • No charge
  • No advertisements


  • Not suitable for children under 8


How To Download Geometry Dash Mod Apk?

Step 1: You click on the download link, and the download tab will automatically show up.
Step 2: After that, you tick on the box “I am not a robot” to access the download link; you click on the link, and your computer will run on the process.
Step 3: While downloading, you should ensure that your FireWall is turned off. Once the process is done, you find the software folder in the download section and activate it.
Step 4: When the activation is ended, you can open and start playing the game.

How Many Levels Does Geometry Dash Mod Apk 2022 Have?

Initially, this platform had three levels: Back on track, Stereo Madness, and Poltergeist. However, if we take the customized levels into account, there are over 60 million levels in this game. Geometry Dash will have countless rounds in the future, and there will be no limitations for the players.

Which Android Version Does The Game Require?

Geometry Dash Mod Apk’s new version requires 2.11 Android. If you can not download the game, try to upgrade to the Android version or install Bluestack on your computer.


Geometry Dash Mod Apk is a gorgeous game for youngsters. The combination of action games and lively music can boost the emotion as well as the fascination for the game.

Not only that, but the gamers also have the chance to build up their challenges and share them with other players. Therefore, there is no limitation to the game; you can play it for a long time without being bored of similar patterns.

What's new

What!? A new update? So fast... :O

- New Level Electrodynamix!
- New Demon Level Clubstep!
- New unlocks!
- Bugfixes and tweaks.

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