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Jun 21, 2022
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HelloTalk Mod Apk is the app that helps you to learn a foreign language faster. More, this application will help you in learning how to speak a foreign language better and clearly. This app uses speech recognition technology to record their voice while speaking into the mobile phone’s microphone, and then it will convert it into the language you want to learn. You can easily configure the application and use it for your best performance in speaking a foreign language better or clearly.

HelloTalk is an app that will encourage you to speak out loud as often as possible by providing you with many features like auto playback, practice games, learning games, and other additional features that will help you learn a foreign language easily. This application is very useful for language learners.


What is HelloTalk Mod Apk

HelloTalk Mod Apk is the application that will help you to learn a foreign language better. This app uses speech recognition technology which is why you can record your voice, and then it will have resulted in the same language you want to learn easily. This application has lots of features like a practice game where you can see your progress in the learning process by playing the game.

This application is very useful for language learners because they can practice their foreign language better and play games with native speakers worldwide. You need to join this app using your Facebook account or Google+ account.

Features of HelloTalk Mod Apk

HelloTalk Mod Apk is a social networking application that allows users to chat with other people from all over the world.

The new version of HelloTalk has been launched, and it’s free! The app can be downloaded for Apple devices or Androids and takes only seconds to set up. You will need an email address before you start chatting, so make sure to use one related to your real name in order not to get scammed by spambots who want access to personal information like passwords or banking info which are both blocked on this platform due to its privacy settings made specifically keeping cheaters at bay-

More are coming every day.

Every day people from all around the world come together to make friends, meet locals, and learn a new language. We bring them together in one place so that language learners can find native speakers or other learners to help them practice speaking and improve their skills.

Our community speaks over 80 different languages! We offer various ways to learn English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and many more. Whatever your purpose for learning another language – business, travel, or romance – HelloTalk lets you find exactly the right person to help you cross your language barriers.

Faster language learning

Some of the people who use HelloTalk for learning a new language are teachers, learners, and students from schools and universities with a specific focus on languages. Our mission is to offer you the best platform where you can make friends around the world eager to help you learn their language or vice versa.

Language meetups all over the world

Language meetups are another great way we bring together people who want to learn a language. Once you join HelloTalk, set up your city and create an event for language exchange. We’ll promote it so that others can find you and vice versa!

Languages offered

The languages that we offer on HelloTalk include English (USA, UK, AUS), French (CA, FR), Spanish (ES, US), Italian (IT), Chinese (CN, TW), Japanese (JP), and German.

Correct your pronunciation

Sounds a little bit tricky? For many language learners, it seems impossible to avoid this problem. However, using HelloTalk is a great way to eliminate your accent or at least minimize its influence on how other people perceive you in terms of communication ability and other skills that go into making up the package that we call “personality.”

A new way to meet new people

The application can also be used as a tool for introductions and dating purposes. With the increasing number of divorces worldwide, it isn’t easy to find someone you can rely on 100%. HelloTalk offers men and women a great opportunity for seeking love online in an environment that is safe and can be comfortably used for introductions.

Create your language school

If you are a teacher, an expert in a certain field, or want to connect with learners and teach them something new – we’ve got everything covered for you! With our application, you can easily create a page that will describe all the details about your knowledge (such as your level of expertise and what you can offer) in a very clear way, so the users will understand how to set up meetings with you.

HelloTalk is available on both Apple and Android devices and the web browser, which makes it possible for its members to connect from a variety of locations or devices ranging from desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even smart TVs.

Moreover, users can explore the app’s help center, which provides them with a lot of useful information on how to use all the features that make up this great network for language learners and teachers. We’ve got answers to all your questions right here. So if you have any concerns regarding the usage of HelloTalk, you can always contact our support team, and they will happily provide you with the answers.

So what are you waiting for? Join us today and start learning, meeting new friends, or efficiently improving your language skills.

Key Features of HelloTalk – Chat, Speak & Learn Languages for Free Apk

  1. ) on one language lessons
  2. ) Speak in Real-Time
  3. ) Chat with Friends & Family
  4. ) Language Exchange Meetups
  5. ) Learn Any Language for Free
  6. ) Learn Languages with Free Audio Lessons
  7. ) Private and Group Chatrooms
  8. ) Organized Language Meetups for Any City
  9. ) Save your Favorite Content on HelloTalk Cloud
  10. ) Auto-Translate: English to Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and
  11. ) Russian and many more
  12. ) Discover Languages with Top Friends, Teachers & Influencers

HelloTalk Mod Apk Features

1) Permanently Unlock All Language lessons ( Unlimited )

2) Diamonds, Coins, and bonus points are added to your account.

3) Remove all ads and banners from the app.

4) Disable word verification for broadcast messages so that you can invite anyone without any limit. Make sure that your Android version is 4.0+ before downloading this mod.

How to Download HelloTalk Mod Apk on Android

1) Download HelloTalk Mod Apk on your Android Smartphone or Tablet.

2) Uninstall Original HelloTalk from your mobile device.

3) Install this version of the modded apk.

4) Enjoy!

HelloTalk Mod Apk FAQs

I am a language teacher, and I have searched for the perfect app to help me teach English. HelloTalk Mod Apk has helped my students with so many things, including pronunciation, grammar skills, and vocabulary building- it’s just incredible! Because of this amazing free software on both Android and iOS devices (sorry iPhone users), we can converse in real-time over text messages without any difficulty at all.

Q.1) Is the modded apk safe to use?

A) As long as your device has some level of root access, then yes. Developers carefully test all mods, and all downloaded files are stored on an external Memory card for your security purposes.

Q.2) Are you sure that this HelloTalk Mod Apk is free from viruses, malware, and Trojans?

A) All files are scanned with VirusTotal. The result is that ALL FILES ARE CLEAN! We can guarantee you 100% virus-free content.

Q.3) I am on Android OS 4.0. Can I install this HelloTalk Mod Apk?

A) You have to be Android 4.0+ before installing this mod.

Q.4) How do I delete the original HelloTalk from my device?

A) Open your app drawer and remove all traces of it on your phone or tablet. You can also go to Settings > Apps and click Uninstall Updates for all three apps. Then open Google Play Store and click Uninstall Updates for the app.

Q.5) Do you have HelloTalk IOS and Windows versions?

A) Currently, there is no official version of this modded version on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Mac devices. There are unofficial versions that might not be as safe as this one. We don’t take any responsibility if you install unreleased versions. We highly recommend the official Android version to all of our readers.

Q.6) Why HelloTalk is better for language learning than Skype?

Here are the reasons: The “send voice file” function. Every time you send a voice message to someone, it takes about 10 seconds to send and 10 seconds to receive (you can check these details in your phone’s status bar).


HelloTalk is a community-based application that offers the service of language exchange and communication. Can also use it with other applications to meet new and interesting people. The app even allows you to create your language school and teach others something valuable that you know. You can also use HelloTalk as a dating platform or just for making friends all over the world.!

What's new

This update contains stability improvements and bug fixes.


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