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PickU Mod APK is designed for active college students to create and share information about parties, concerts, practices, and sports games with their friends in real-time. PickU users can text message each other, add attachments like pictures or voice messages, and ping each other on a map using GPS technology.

Their status indicator, either online or offline, is always visible on the phone’s home screen. Though App has many features that make it useful and fun for users, there are a few drawbacks to its design as well.

The app takes up very little space on your phone (only 2MB), so it won’t affect your memory capacity. It is also very easy to load and navigate through. PickU Premium APK displays a user’s messages, pictures, and profile information with simple menus that are straightforward to understand.

It is nice to have a community of friends organized in one place with more information than Facebook or Twitter give you by themselves. Like many social networks, the users create their own events, and the different content added to the events can be organized, tagged, and shared with other users.


What is PickU Mod APK

While PickU Mod APK does have many useful components, it has a few aspects that are not so helpful. For example, the messages and pictures that people send you do not show up in your phone’s list of received files. Instead, they appear at the bottom of your screen if you tap them. This makes it difficult to check your messages and photos without thinking about where they will appear on your list of apps.  

Unfortunately, when users add text to their status updates, the words are blurry and difficult to read even with high-resolution phones.  As well as this, sometimes users can’t send attachments like voice notes or pictures from their phones because App states that uploading is disabled for that device for some reason. These difficulties make it a little more difficult to use PickU for messaging.

PickU does not have any issues with phone calls or text message reliability, and it is a nice feature that you can add multiple phones to your account to keep track of everything in one place. It is easy to search through your entire friend list by entering names into the search field, which makes locating specific people simply.  

Features of PickU Mod APK 

All in all, PickU Mod APK is a fun way to share information with your friends and other users. Many social networks attempt to organize parties and events, but few of them have the features that App has.  pickup makes it easy for you to learn what’s going on around campus.  

The GPS technology and real-time updates make this app stand out from others we’ve seen. You can stay up-to-date with classmates’ activities without having to be directly involved yourself by adding notes or pictures from your phone.

Powerful Photo Editor

Before you try out this Powerful Photo Editor APK, it’s a good idea to confirm whether your device can support the app or not. By doing so, you will thank yourself at the end of the day because chances are that other apps may lead to issues on your smartphone which is never recommended in the first place. Now, let’s point out the features of this app which is sure to attract your attention in one way or another.

Background Eraser

An app that lets you remove unwanted things from your photos, Background Eraser works just like its name suggests. It allows you to take a picture and then quickly remove the backgrounds and artifacts from it. 

Amazing Filters

One of the most appealing features of this app is its wide range of filters. With just a few taps from you, you will be able to give photos a new look and feel that would otherwise take much longer with regular software. 

Tools for Adjustment

Background Eraser lets you adjust your images in different ways depending on what message or look you are trying to create. For instance, you can adjust brightness and contrast as well as balance them just as you see fit.

Blur Background Photo Editor

This is another interesting feature that comes with this app. With it, you can easily blur your photos so that the focus is on the subject of the photo and not other surrounding elements like backgrounds or objects. 

Some More Features

  • Monkey filter
  • filter for cat photos
  • Adjust brightness stickers, contrast, and saturation
  • Add to photos; add text to your photos
  • Create collage; make photos into cartoon paintings; paint the pictures.
  • Make your pictures more artistic and vivid.

Download PickU Mod APK for Android 

The original PickU Mod APK app is free to download and the features mentioned above are included in the free version as well. But for those who want even more from this app, can always look into buying some in-app purchases that will add additional filters and other features to your smartphone. The following sections will discuss these tools.  

Step 1: click on the APK file you’ve just downloaded.

Step 2: click open with AndrOid APK Extractor. After this, select the path for installation and then simply hit install.

Step 3: The app is now installed on your device but it will only work after a few steps have been followed. First, go into Settings then into Security, and allow the installation of APKs from untrusted sources.

Step 4: You will now have to open up File Explorer on your device and navigate to the directory you installed this modded version of PickU in. Select it and go back to a single level so that you can launch the app.

Step 5: The app will open and once it does, you will be able to enjoy all of its features for free without having to pay anything.

PickU Mod APK FAQs

PickU Mod APK is a simple app that allows you to modify your PickUps in Fortnite. You can change the rarity, drop rate, and much more!

Q: What happens when I uninstall the modded APK?

A: The app will go back to its original version. But if you have purchased any in-app purchases from this app, then these features will not be available to you until you install the modded version again.

Q: Can I use the same Google Account for both the original version and the modded one?

A: Yes. If you log into the app using a Google account that you have used in the past, then all of your previous purchases will be restored.

Q: I can’t find my purchase history! Where should I look for it?

A: You can find this information by going to Play Store and then going to my Apps and Games. There, click on the gear icon and access purchase history, and log in using your Google account.

Q: Why am I not seeing any movies when I open this app?

A: For the PickU Mod APK to work properly, you have to first enable subtitles. To do this, all you have to do is go into the app settings and select it.

Q: The app shows a black screen when I open it! What should I do?

A: This usually happens when you are trying to use this modded version of PickU on a device that doesn’t support HD displays. If this is the case, then you should uninstall the app and download it again on a device that does.

Q: Will this modded version work with my Android tablet?

A: Yes, as long as you are using an Android 6 or above operating system. If not, then don’t even try to install it.

Q: How do I change PickU’s language into English?

A: It’s pretty easy. All you have to do is go into the app settings and select English from the list of available languages.

Q: I want all features for free! Where can I find them? 

A: You’re not alone here, a lot of people want everything on their devices for free. However, if you want to enjoy all features this app provides, then you will have to buy them.


PickU Mod APK for Android is a great way to edit your PickUps in Fortnite. Although it is not officially released, you can download it from this article and enjoy its features without paying anything. Keep in mind that if you want to unlock even more features, then you will have to purchase them with real money. 

To use this tool correctly, make sure that your device has an operating system of at least Android 6 or higher. For now, the app supports only the English language but we will update this page when new languages are available. If you have any other questions about using this app or how to get started with it, feel free to reach out using the comment form below!


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