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Play Rummy like never before! Lay down your melds, steal the Jokers right out of the table’s melds and win the game! Rummy Royale offers four levels of difficulty, 3 unique game modes as well as extensive statistics tracking. It is an unparalleled game play experience!
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May 31, 2022
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Have you ever heard about a card game with both online and offline versions? Royally Rummy Apk is a platform that can bring you entertainment and prizes in cash. Moreover, this app also contains numerous sources of game modes to meet players’ expectations.

This article will describe in detail the overall interface and all the functions in this apk version.


What Is Royally Rummy Apk?

Royally Rummy apk is gaining a huge reputation among Rummy fans for its fascinating content. To be specific, it is an online platform with the involvement of the cards, and players will receive prizes in cash if they win. The rule is very simple; all you need to do is to arrange the cards into a powerful sequence to defeat other players.

Moreover, not only does this app provide you with simple card games, but it also accumulates many other modes such as poker, ludo, etc. Besides, this platform is completely safe and legal for users. In coordination with the fascinating interface and 24/7 service support, this game is worth trying for every user.

Highlight Features Of Royally Rummy Apk

Attractive Interface

At first sight, you will be appealed to by its colorful interface. Royally Rummy is well designed with vivid color in combination with 3D effects. The characters are also well visualized by an excellent pixel program, which brings you a realistic feeling while playing.

In addition, users can experience a streamlined effect when playing this game as its graphics and movements are professionally established.

Various Game Mode

Apart from the smooth performance of this apk version, players can also emerge in various modes. All those games are programmed in the Rummy ecosystem, and you have free access to every title.

Such fantasy modes like Fantasy Sports and 10 Cards will attract your attention at every first play. Among those numerous game stores, Dragon Vs. Tiger is the most outstanding title in which you can play infinitely and gain money.

Cash Bonus

In principle, Rummy is formed with the cash recharge in which users can add money to enrich their game resources. The interesting thing lies in the function that each time you recharge cash, the program will bonus you some additional cash. The more money you add in, the more cash the program will give you. Here is the recharging table:

Share And Earn

By all means, it is very easy to make money in this title if you know the rules. This program has the referred model that encourages users to invite their friends to join in.

Every successful invitation will give you an amount of money. For instance, at the first reference, you will receive 80. At the second turn, you will receive 90, and from the third invitation, you will gain 100.

Exclusive Benefits For VIP

Besides those standard benefits, players can earn double rewards when becoming VIP members. To be specific, VIP members will receive a periodic bonus, which includes: a monthly bonus, weekly bonus, and daily bonus. To become a VIP member, you must recharge at least 500 into your account.

Light Capacity

Luckily, this version is flexible for all kinds of computers and doesn’t deploy too much capacity. Providing that your laptop has at least 50MB, not in use, you can easily download this program. In the circumstances that your PC is out of capacity, you can try out the online-web version.

No Advertisements

One plus point for this platform is the abandonment of trivial advertisements. Users will no longer feel disrupted while playing the game.

Pros & Cons Of Royally Rummy Apk Download


  • Appealing interface
  • Many cash bonus programs
  • Free of charge
  • No advertisements
  • Easy to play
  • Connect with many other players
  • Available both online and offline
  • Minimum download capacity


  • Not available on iOS
  • Identity stolen risk


How To Play Royally Rummy Apk?

Royally Rummy has a lot of modes; in this section, we will instruct you how to play Dragon vs. Tiger.

Open the platform, and click on the VIP option. It is necessary that you register to be a VIP member to access this mode. After that, you click on 501.

When 502 is on, click “add chips” and choose an option on the screen. After the cash is recharged on the wallet, return to the main menu.

Now Dragon vs. Tiger is in the air, you can make a decision about whether you will become a tiger or dragon.

Assume that you bet on the tiger; if the tiger wins, you will get the money. If the tiger loses, the money will belong to the opponent, and you will lose the money.

How To Download The App?

The Royally Rummy Apk download link is available on this website, so you can tab in and download directly here. Steps to download the app:

Press on the Download section below.

After the download process has been launched, wait for a few minutes. The loading speed will be up to your wifi connection. The stronger the internet, the faster the loading time.

Once the process is finished, start to install the APK.

How To Become VIP Members?

Encountering VIP members to receive periodic bonuses is very simple. Firstly, you access the Royally Rummy app and fill in your detailed information. After that, you tap on the OTP button and wait for the number to be sent. Then you fill in that number and confirm the registration. The bonus arrangement will appear in 10 minutes.


To summarize, Royally Rummy Apk is a great app with many accumulated playing modes such as Rummy, Fantasy Sports, and Dragon Vs. Tiger, etc. Players can either have fun or get cash prizes while playing the game.

Moreover, Rummy is legalized by the government and utilizes KYC for every registration. Therefore, users can place their trust in the security of the game.

If you find this game really interesting, don’t hesitate to hit the download button!

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Play Rummy like never before! Lay down your melds, steal the Jokers right out of the table’s melds and win the game!

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