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From wooden chopsticks to diamonds, alien skulls, things of gods...!
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May 5, 2019
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Tap Tap Breaking Mod Apk – Break Everything With Your Bare Hands

The idea of smashing and destroying every object with your bare hand may seem weird, but it actually satisfies many people. Tap tap-breaking mod apk will help you relax and reduce stress with a simple and unique playstyle.

You can also increase your patience and consistency when playing this game. Even better, this mod version provides you with unlimited money and resources, along with many other appealing features. Players can enjoy the game with ease and excitement.

Don’t hesitate to download the game now to have fun breaking different stuff and increasing your strength.

What Is Tap Tap Breaking Mod Apk?

Tap tap breaking mod apk 2022 is a funny simulator game developed by ODAAT studio. As the name of the game suggested, all you have to do is constantly tap your screen and break all kinds of stuff with your hands.

The objects will grow in size and become harder to break. It requires more time and patience to destroy the objects as the game progresses. Your mind will be filled with satisfaction when the tough thing finally gets destroyed.

Players don’t need to have great skills or develop smart tactics to play this game. The funny and simple gameplay of this app has attracted millions of players of all ages. You can spend hours just destroying stuff without getting bored.

Game Highlights Of Tap Tap Breaking Mod Apk


At the beginning of the game, you will start by breaking small objects like wood bars. It takes only ten times to break a wood bar, and each chop will give you one gold. You can use the gold accumulated to upgrade your hands’ strength and power.

Remember that each chop will consume one health point. You only have one hundred HP at the start of the game. The health points will restore at the rate of 1 HP per second. When the HP has run out, your hands will get hurt, and you have to wait for a while before smashing again.

Your character will grow in strength and energy after each upgrade. The damage of each chop is doubled when you level up your hand’s strength. Players can use the diamond to multiply their damage by up to five times.

There is an additional crit bar that will increase by one point when you destroy one object. When this crit bar gets filled, your character will turn into an invincible mode. In this mode, you can smash as many times as you like without losing health points.

Apart from the training sessions in the wild, you can join competitions to increase your ranks. You can only use the empowered chop with diamonds every thirty seconds, so save them for the right moment.

Diversified Objects

There are up to hundreds of stuff to break in tap tap breaking mod apk free download, from a small wooden bar to a giant planet in the final stages. The objects will become tougher and larger when you reach higher levels.

Breaking an object is like finishing a hard challenge. It is so satisfying to see the thing you have been working on for so long finally break. You cannot know what is waiting and will try your best to find out. That’s why this game is so addictive to play.

Upgrade Your Character

Don’t worry if the objects become harder to break because your character also gets stronger over time. There are many abilities in the game that can be enhanced: Strength, health point, or HP refill speed.

You can upgrade your crit rate to increase the chance of generating powerful chops with double or even triple damages. All abilities are very important for smooth gameplay. Don’t focus only on one ability and forget about the others.

Different Game Modes

Tap tap breaking mod apk offers three interesting game modes with unique features and challenges. The first one is the practice mode, where you can increase your skill and endurance through the training sessions.

Players can join the competition in the challenge mode. There are ten different stages in which you have to break the objects in a limited time. Get through all ten stages, and you are the winner. The game will reward players with gold and diamond after each victory.

The last mode is called Golden Bar, which grants your character perpetual invincibility. Your goal is to break as many things as you can in a limited time to get appealing rewards.

Amazing Sound And Graphics

There is a vibrating effect every time you break a thing. This feature adds up to the realness of the game. The designs of the objects and background are very colorful and realistic. You will feel like going through a real training session in nature.

The sound quality of tap tap breaking is very excellent and satisfying to hear, especially when objects are broken. The game also features mild and funny songs to give you more energy and reduce stress.

Unlimited Resources

Waiting for the HP bar to fill is time-consuming, and it takes increasingly longer to collect gold and upgrade your character. In tap tap breaking mod apk latest version, you are equipped with unlimited gold and diamond.

Players can use the special smash with diamonds to become even stronger. There is an additional auto-breaking mode that helps you destroy everything with only one chop.

Pros And Cons Of Tap Tap Breaking Mod Apk


  • Engaging gameplay
  • Different game modes
  • Various objects
  • Unlimited resources
  • Amazing sound and graphics


  • Contains advertisements
  • Infrequent updates


Tap tap breaking mod apk doesn’t need heavy graphics or mind-boggling gameplay to draw your interest. Its unique and engaging playstyle are of the greatest features of this title. Download it now and have relaxing moments playing this fun game.

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