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Inside a forest on a mysterious world...
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Jul 25, 2022
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Wild Darkness Mod Apk is an atmospheric psychological horror game that takes you on a journey through the depths of your mind. You will explore areas like consciousness, subconsciousness, and dreams to find answers about yourself and why you are experiencing these strange things. The game has no dialogue or text outside of some lore tidbits in menus, but it doesn’t need it.

The environment conveys enough information for you to understand what’s happening without any words needed. Even if the story falls flat for me because I don’t care much about introspective games, I can say that this is one beautiful-looking game with amazing sound design and visuals that make exploration feel tense even when nothing bad happens at all.

Each area holds its memories, allowing you to travel there and piece together what happened just by looking at the scenery and solving some minor puzzles. There’s very little hand-holding in this game, so you have to explore each place for yourself to find out where it leads. This works well as it allows me to be genuinely surprised when I found the entrance to another area instead of already knowing about it.

I got stuck a couple of times because the objective marker would disappear from my screen after moving away from whoever gave me an objective, or because I wasn’t sure which path was correct due to not having seen all of them before.

That’s when I had to use the navigation markers and some old-school trial-and-error gameplay to progress further. It wasn’t very pleasant at first, but it helped me appreciate how well the levels are designed as a result. Sometimes you aren’t sure which way to go or where to look first, leading to more exploration and making things feel more natural for a game set inside someone’s mind.


What is The Wild Darkness Mod APK

The Wild Darkness Mod APK is a “story-driven psychological horror game with no cutscenes and no dialogue”. It’s an adventure in your mind filled with puzzles that will get you thinking about where to go next. Gameplay-wise, expect exploration and puzzle-solving if you want to progress through the story.

It isn’t all just walking around and looking at things though as so some sections require you to move around, it’s all about the atmosphere and story here. The game has stunning visuals and a very interesting sound design which I believe is the highlight of this title as they are what truly immerses you inside someone’s mind.

You can download the game for free on Google Play, but it does include in-app purchases to make things easier. However, those are not needed and are only used to unlock more areas faster than you would by playing normally, so if that doesn’t bother you, feel free to try this out.

You can also buy it from Steam for PC or Mac for $USD 12.99 with a launch sale happening until July 11th as well where you can get 50% off which drops the price down to $USD 6.49instead. It’s on sale quite often though, so buying at a random time might save you some money over time compared to grabbing it right now unless you want it right away I guess.

Features of The Wild Darkness Mod APK

The Wild Darkness Mod APK is an exciting mod that adds new features to the game. One of these features includes a tornado that can be summoned by players who have completed the questline. This tornado will suck up all nearby enemies and drop them into the sky, taking them out of battle. It’s more powerful than any other attack in-game! Another feature is the ability to summon animals like wolves and bears to help you destroy your foes. You’ll never want anything but this mod after playing with it for just one hour.


A group of nomadic warriors, the Barbarians attack from both land and sea. They are very dangerous opponents on the battlefield, with their ability to storm across the field in waves. However, they aren’t very bright and will attack any other group that comes within their range, which includes allies if you’re lucky enough not to be noticed!

Tower Guards

These armored defenders protect their bases at all costs. Tower Guards are tough customers who can block most attacks without flinching. Fortunately, they have no ranged attacks so once you get in close they’ll go down quickly. Their special ability is a big kick that knocks enemies back several meters! When you see them charging up for it though, make sure to either block or get out of the way.

Siege Weapons

These bad boys are built to last. Siege Weapons aren’t very fast, but they have the most potent attacks in the game, including a rural area of effect damage that gets more powerful with each swing! They also feature a massive hurl attack that’s perfect for launching enemies off cliffs or out of fortifications.


Even stronger than the Barbarians, Berserkers won’t stop at anything until you’re dead. Their insane attacks can hit multiple players at once and leave them helpless if they don’t block. Even worse, they tend to jump into battle unarmoured so they might be one-shot by a well-placed fireball or another ranged attack Luckily, their attacks usually give plenty of advance notice so you can either get the hell out of there or grab a potion and be ready for them.


A huge beast from Norse mythology, Trolls are slow but incredibly strong and tough to kill. If that wasn’t enough they’re also able to regenerate health so if they manage to get their claws into you it’s all over. Fortunately, their attacks are very slow so as long as you dodge backward when he charges up his attack, you’ll have plenty of time to counter-attack! The only way to beat these guys is with massive damage so keep your distance and wear them down until victory is yours.


These wild beasts will charge in packs at the enemy groups within range. They are quick and deadly, with a wide variety of attacks to choose from. They can also carry health potions, resist potions, or even speed potions for you which are always handy. If you see them coming your way be sure to have the right counters ready.

Key of Features The Wild Darkness Mod APK

The Wild Darkness Mod APK is a game that was released on mobile devices. It’s an open-world survival game where the player must survive in the wilderness against all odds, including hunger and thirst. The goal of this post is to give you information about what the mod offers and how it can be downloaded for free.

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Anti Ban Feature Enabling to play this game online with no restriction.
  • The Wild Darkness Mod APK is available for download free of cost
  • Ads-free gameplay
  • Free Download The Wild Darkness Mod APK Latest Full Version
  • High-speed gameplay
  • No Ads! No pop-ups

How to Download and Install The Wild Darkness Mod APK

First, get The Wild Darkness Mod APK from the download link that has been provided at the top of this post. You can use a QR code scanner to directly connect to Google Play Store. Or go to the Play Store and in the search bar type “Wild Darkness” (remove quotation marks).

Step 1. Go to your device settings and allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.

Step 2. Open file manager and click The Wild Darkness Mod APK file you downloaded earlier.

(It will install the mod apk)

Step 3. If it prompts for “Unknown Sources” permission, check the box and press OK on the prompt message.

Step 4. Wait until The Wild Darkness Mod APK is installed. Once done, launch the game normally from the app drawer or play store icon.


This is how to download and install The Wild Darkness Mod APK. This game has been released for mobile devices and can be played online with no restrictions. It’s a full version apk that has unlimited diamonds, gold, ads-free play, etc. We hope you enjoyed this post and would love to hear back from you in the comments section. Thank you.

What's new

-Updated July 2022-
Added the 3rd stage of reincarnation and the final dungeon for reincarnation, the dungeon of the spirit world.
(Reincarnation Bonus- Stats, Passive Skills, Remains.)
Added special material dungeon
Add Job Passive
Adventurer, warrior, assassin.
Added achievements with new updates.
Passive skill display in character information window.
Other bug fixes.


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